Nilufer Guleyupoglu is our newest Professional of the Year representing Healthcare/Pain Management and Rehabilitation

We would like to congratulate and welcome Nilufer Guleyupoglu as our newest Professional of the Year representing Healthcare/Pain Management and Rehabilitation. Her biography reads as follow:

Nilufer Guleyupoglu
Title: Physician
Industry: Healthcare
Type of Organization: Medical Practice
Major Product/Service: Patient care targeting pain management
Expertise: With over 25 years experience, Dr. Guleyupoglu is a Physiatrist who consults with nursing homes regarding pain management for rehabilitation patients. She provides pain management services through her own practice. Dr. Guleyupoglu assesses patients and provides pain management plans accordingly. She prescribes medication as needed.
Geographic Area of Distribution: National
Affiliations: A.A.P.N.M.R.; A.B.P.M.R.
University/Degree: M.D., Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine; residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at New York Medical College. She also completed Fellowship in pain medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center.
Hobbies/Sports: Cooking, ballroom dancing
Work History: Previously, Dr. Guleyupoglu served with the department of Pain Medicine and Palliative Care at Mount Sinai Beth Israel as an Attending physician and was an Assistant Professor with the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Icahn School of Medicine and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She contributed to the development of the pain fellowship programs and had trained several generations of pain physicians for over10 years.
Published Works: Articles
Career Accomplishments: Dr. Guleyupoglu utilizes a variety of pain treatment modalities to help patients relieve pain, optimize their functionality and enhance their quality of life. She is extremely thorough while treating patients and ensures they understand all their options.


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