Dianne L. Bird is our newest professional of the year representing Administration within the Education Industry

We would like to congratulate Dianne Bird. She represents Education/Administration and is our newest professional of the year.

Her biography reads as follows:

Dianne L. Bird
McMaster University – Hamilton
Hamilton ON , Canada
Title: Administrative Assistant
Company Name: McMaster University – Hamilton
Industry: Education
Type of Organization: University
Major Product/Service: Higher education
Expertise: Ms. Bird is retired after 31 years. She is currently involved with a local senior center. She actively liaises with retirees through the University’s association.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Hamilton, Ontario
Affiliations: McMaster University Retirees Association
Hobbies/Sports: Reading, yoga, book clubs, volunteering, animal welfare, homeless youth, helping children with special needs, senior wellness

Work History: Currently retired, Ms. Bird previously served as an administrative assistant, providing administration and general support to the University faculty. She arranged dinners and meetings for international campaigns.


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