Debra L. Rahmoeller is our newest member of the Top Executive Club!

We would like to congratulate and welcome Debra L. Rahmoeller as our newest member of the Top Executive Club!  Her biography reads as follows:
Debra L. Rahmoeller
Title: Artist
Industry: Art
Type of Organization: Sole Proprietor
Major Product/Service: Sales of hand drawn art
Expertise: With over 6 years experience, Ms. Rahmoeller produces art, stationery and pencil drawings using graphite and colored pencils. She always tries new mediums for her art. She sells products at local venues and nationally through
Geographic Area of Distribution: Springfield, Missouri
University/Degree: Certified, Dental Assistant, 1998; Nursing Courses
Hobbies/Sports: College football, Kansas City Chiefs fan, traveling for inspiration, taking photographs for art projects
Spouse: David
Married: February 14, 1998
Children: 2 daughters; 2 grandchildren
Honors & Awards: Numerous awards, local fairs
Career Accomplishments: Ms. Rahmoeller was very proud of making her first sale.


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