Laurelyn Heath Southworth is our newest professional of the year representing smoking cessation

We would like to congratulate Laurelyn Heath Southworth as our newest professional of the year representing Smoking Cessation within the Healthcare industry.  Her biography reads as follows:


Laurelyn Heath Southworth
Title: Vice President and Co-Owner
Industry: Healthcare/Smoking Cessation
Type of Organization: Corporation
Major Product/Service: Invented the “Better Quit Cigarette Substitute” behavioral device that addresses the important habits of smoking; Provides deep breathing approach to tension relief
Expertise: Ms. Southworth has over 30 years experience in marketing ‘Better Quit’ to hospitals, cancer clinics, retail stores, catalogs, direct mail and online sites. She provides assistance to smokers who cannot permanently quit smoking without some physical or psychological assistance.
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
University/Degree: B.A., Psychology, University of Bridgeport
Born: January 8, Boston, Massachusetts
Hobbies/Sports: Photography, designing miniature shadow boxes, music, golf, Tai Chi
Published Works: Patent; Featured in articles


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