Jean T. Regan has been selected as one of our Featured Members.

We would like to congratulate Jean Regan as our newest Featured Member.  Her biography reads as follows:


Jean T. Regan
Title: Senior Associate Dean of Finance
Industry: Education
Type of Organization: University
Major Product/Service: Higher education
Expertise: Ms. Regan has almost 5 years experience in her current role. She is responsible for all of the budgeting issues, social work, the KASAT drug abuse program, daily operations and working with the legislature.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Reno, Nevada
Affiliations: A.I.C.P.A.; Principal Business Officer, A.A.M..C.
University/Degree: B.S., Accounting, Fairleigh Dickinson University; M.B.A., Regis University, Denver, Colorado, 1988; C.P.A., Colorado State University; Certified Internal Auditor
Born: Rockland County, New York
Hobbies/Sports: Competitive mountain biking (retired), skiing, physical fitness


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