Katherine Cass is our newest professional of the year

Professional of the Year – Healthcare/Physical Rehabilitation Nursing/Legal Nurse Consulting

Katherine A. Cass
Title: Program Director/Owner
Industry: Healthcare/Legal Nurse Consulting
Type of Organization: Nursing Consulting/Rehab Facility
Major Product/Service: Providing legal nurse consulting services; Rehabilitation services
Expertise: Ms. Cass has over 30 years nursing experience. She oversees all the operations of the physical rehabilitation center including all staff, nursing, therapists, etc.. She has been the owner of Nurse Consultancy corporation for the past five years. As such, she liaises and interacts with attorneys providing legal nurse consulting on a case by case basis. Ms. Cass reviews cases and medical charts and provides reports for attorneys.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Clayton, Ohio, National
Affiliations: Association of Rehabilitation Nurses; American Organization of Nurse Executives
University/Degree: M.A., Behavioral Science, University of California, Domingus Hills, California, 1996; M.S.N., Kaplan University, 2016
Hobbies/Sports: Long walks, rescue dogs


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