Dmitri Rusov-Morningstar



FARMINGDALE, NEW YORK, AUGUST 17, 2016  Dmitri Rusov-Morningstar of Santa Rosa, California has been honored as a Lifetime Featured Member by Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide Edition for his outstanding achievements and high level of success in the field of home improvement and design.


Mr. Rusov-Morningstar is the Owner of Sustainable Residential Design, a national pre-construction Design and Construction Management company which designs Custom Residential and small Commercial structures.  He also provides Existing Home improvement and Design Services, Permit-Ready Plans and Specifications.  He is an expert in designing Custom Homes, Renovations for Existing Residential Structures and small Commercial interior spaces (Tenant Improvements).  Mr. Rusov-Morningstar currently has over 300 projects to his credit.  He is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, and was sponsored into the American Institute of Architects as an Associate in 1988.  He also has various Certificates of Completion for advanced courses.  As well as his affiliation with the American Institute of Architecture as an Associate Member, Mr. Rusov-Morningstar has membership with the Construction Specifications Institute, the International Code Council and the Redwood Writers Chapter of the California Writers Club.

After attending college, Mr. Rusov-Morningstar completed a four year apprenticeship with the Carpenter’s Union.  He spent 10 years as a Union Builder, 6 of which were spent as a Journeyman.  He utilizes his 33 years of design experience along with his 10 years of building experience to ensure that the clients and families he represents receive a project built exactly as evaluated, proposed and designed by him, his clients and consultants under his expertise and direction.  In his spare time he enjoys writing, baseball and music.

After many years as a Residential Designer, Mr. Rusov-Morningstar’s philosophy is: “Before I draw a line, I look carefully around the Site. I have listened to my clients wishes. Now it is time to listen to the local Environment. It is here I carefully embrace the empty space and surround it with a home it, too, will love.”

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