Bipin Patel is our newest professional of the year!

We would like to welcome Bipin Patel of Siluria Technologies Inc. as our newest professional of the year representing the arena of Natural Gas.  His biography can be read as follows:
409 Illinois St.
San Francisco CA 94158
Title: Chief Technology Engineer
Company Name: Siluria Technologies, Inc.
Industry: Natural Gas
Type of Organization: Gas Production Company
Major Product/Service: Providing commercial production of fuels and chemicals made from clean, abundant natural gas
Expertise: With almost 40 years experience, Mr. Patel is responsible for bringing new technology to fruition. He solves issues with current technology and is experienced in process engineering. He is responsible for some consulting.
Geographic Area of Distribution: International
Affiliations: A.P.E.O.
University/Degree: B.S., Chemical Engineering, Leeds University, 1978, United Kingdom
Hobbies/Sports: Golf, travel, grandchildren
Web Address:
Work History: Previously, Mr. Patel specialized in oil and gas in the oil refinery sector and gas liquid projects.


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