We are at the top of the bell curve of the proverbial visual week.  The weekly roller coaster is at it’s apex and is about to use gravity, G-forces and lots of screaming to get down the final two days until we reach Saturday – the goal of the weekly ride.

I picture everyone throwing their hands up with glee, papers floating everywhere and a whirlwind blowing them about in a matrix pattern of ambiguity.  We don’t need to wish away our lives or our week – we shouldn’t feel the need to just ‘get through’ the week or each day.  We should gracefully and happily embrace each day as a new opportunity to follow a few rules of life – whether it’s the Golden Rule or the Rule of Thumb.  Do unto others, etc.

So  — Happy Wednesday.  Happy middle of the week.  Happy leapfrogging over that camel.  Enjoy each day and here’s to a great rest of the week!


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